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Atherosclerosis Tincture


The product efficiently reduces Atherosclerosis. It reduces the inflammation of blood vessels. It assists in the reduction of inflammation as well as in the alleviation of aortic stenosis caused by diabetes.

It dissolves the sclerotic accumulated matter on the blood vessel wall, allowing normal blood circulation.

Atherosclerosis itself will not cause symptoms, until the narrowing of the blood vessels will be so great that blood circulation will deteriorate significantly. This is when only the symptoms occur, which depend on which blood vessels.

Symptoms and complication of atherosclerosis:

  • If a deposit occurs in the blood vessels running in the brain, it can lead to a stroke
  • Narrowing of the blood vessels around the heart can lead to angina pectoris, heart attack or heart failure
  • Calcification of the blood vessels around the kidneys can cause high blood pressure and kidney failure
  • If atherosclerosis is in the veins of the legs or pelvis, the legs hurt, initially only under increased load, later while walking
  • In men, calcification of the pelvic vessels can even cause impotence


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Packaging: 300 ml, sufficient for one course

100% medicinal herbs concentrate in alcohol extract

Ingredients: DADS, DATS, allil-metil-triszulfid, vinil-ditii, ajoén, S-allil cisztein, S-allil merkapto cisztein, S-1-propenil cisztein

The Medical Herb Lab product family does not qualify as a medicinal product! The positive effects are exerted by the combined effect of the herbal extracts in the cream. Contact your doctor or pharmacist if you have any illness. 

Medical Herb Lab Product Family,

Distributor: Medical Herb Labs LLC., 

Made in: EU

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