The body's pH is a very important factor in a healthy lifestyle.

Most scientific researchers are placing increasing emphasis on alkalizing the body.

Why is the alkaline organism important?

Harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, intestinal worms (BVPB) prefer acidic media the most. They try to change the PH balance of our body in the direction of alkalization / acidification. These harmful BVPBs, which cause various diseases, leak in the acidic environment, they can really multiply there, so that they acidify our already acidic body even more. Tumors Tumors that are formed from diseased cells also like an acidic environment.

Many say that even though they didn't take an alkalizing product, there weren't that many BVPBs and tumors before.

Yes, that's right.

Since there are several reasons why our environment has become acidic, I would like to highlight 2 reasons why.

1, 50-100 years ago our environment was clean. The air wasn't full of chemicals. The dust in the air contains a lot of lead, mercury, sulfur, etc. because the rain washes away and these substances are absorbed into the soil. This makes the soil acidic.

2, In the past they were unfamiliar with fertilizer, various chemicals that increase yield. Agriculture used organic fertilizers that did not affect the pH of the arable land.

Today almost every large plant uses fertilizer for crop production. The fertilizer acidifies the soil considerably. For this reason, plant products made in such media are also acidified.

Animals are fed this type of food, so there are many sick animals. However, because the growing season is shortened, they do not die of disease. These animals are also taken to a slaughterhouse. If a tumor is found in their meat, the butchers cut it out.

For the above reasons, people's bodies are acidic and the number of cancer patients is increasing. 

Many people suffer from digestive and intestinal problems. The acidic body is also one of the causes of irritable bowel syndrome, various inflammations of the intestinal lining. I would write more symptoms here. (mental or physical problems)

Many ask: What is the solution, how can we alkalize and thereby reduce the amount of gastric acid or increase the pH of the gastric acid?

The question is wrong.

A reduction in the amount of gastric acid is not necessary (with a few exceptions).

Acidification of the body does not mean stomach acid. Of course, it can also affect excessive stomach acid production. The cause of gastric acid overload should always be sought.

Acidification of the body means acidification of the intercellular fluid supply.

So the real question is:

What can I do to bring my intercellular fluid pH back to normal?

The acidification of the intercellular fluid reserve should be reduced in order not to impair the production of gastric acid.

There is only one way to fill the antacid into a gastric acid-resistant capsule, it does not dissolve in the stomach, only the digestive enzymes can dissolve the capsule. 

The alkalizing substance dissolves in the intestinal tract and lowers the acidity of the intercellular fluid supply. 

Adjusts the healthy PH level.

The alkalization of the intercellular fluid supply significantly improves intestinal problems and reduces diarrhea problems.

It also partially dissolves the calcium deposited on blood vessel walls and other parts of the body, thereby reducing the rate of deposition. This prevents calcification of the blood vessels and keeps the circulation healthy. It improves / helps long-term blood flow to the limbs and brain, thus improving physical and mental fitness.

It effectively destroys the amount of BVPB, reducing and inhibiting its reproduction in the digestive system, thereby reducing and inhibiting the development of digestive problems.

To maintain your health, 1-2 capsules per day will significantly reduce the rate of intercellular acidification.

For this reason our product PH-Balance was developed. 

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